Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have 30 amp sites and can you run your A/C?

We do have 30 amp sites, however at the current moment we can not run A/C units. We are working on upgrading our electric.

Do you have wifi?

Yes, We do offer wifi now! There is a fee to use it. We are excited to offer this new service to our campers.

Are Pets allowed on our campsite?

Do they cost more?

We are pet friendly! There are 5 sites (K, L, M, N & O) that are not pet friendly. They do not cost extra unless you exceed bringing more than 2. Please leash your animals and pick up after them! We have pet waste stations throughout our campground!

Is the boat launch open to the public and visitors?

Unfortunately not, the boat launch is just for our campers, again, this is due to the lack of parking and vehicle congestion.

What do you have for Activities?

We have a beach, mini-golf, an arcade for rainy days, basketball court, volley ball court, corn-hole, horseshoes, disc golf, kayak/canoe (and more) rentals, weekend activities (check our schedule) and more!

Is the beach open to the public? Can you purchase day passes?

Unfortunately not, the beach is for our campers, the main reason it isn't open to the public is because of our lack of parking and congestion.

Where exactly are you located on route 26?

We are right in Greenwood, about 5 minutes south of Bethel and 5 minutes north of Bryant Pond. We are on South and North Pond as well!

How many people are allowed per site?

4 is the standard site amount, ideally it would be 2 Adults and 2 kids. If you plan on having more, we would have you pay the vistor's rate for the additional people. That is $10 for adult per night and $6 for child per night.

Do you have a dumpstation or offer pumpouts?

Yes we have a dumpstation which is free to use if you are staying with us. We also offer pumpouts that can be scheduled on any day for $20 per pumpout.

Do you have rentals?

Yes! We have a 2018 camper, a 2018 pop-up, and a cabin all available for rent!

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for a 2 week heads up to get a full refund. Also, we are not weather dependent as well.

What do your sites have on them and come with?

Every site has water, 30 amp electricity, a picnic table, and a fire pit. We have a few sites with 3 way, water, electric and sewer as well!

Do you have a campstore? Do you prepare food?

We do have a campstore, however we do not prepare food. We sell firewood, prepackaged food, ice-cream, apparel, fishing gear, beach accessories/supplies, and much more!

Can outsiders use the dump-station?

Yes, for a fee of $20.00. For campers staying here, there is no fee.

Do campers have a place to leave their boat in the water? Can we use the boat slips/dock?

The boat slip/docks are for our seasonal campers only, however campers staying with us on a transitional basis can moor their boat to the left of the docks. There is knee deep water and you would anchor both ends of the boat. Trailer parking may be limited.

Can you bring boats, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and other watercrafts?

Yes for campers only, you pay a one time launch fee of $10.00 per craft. Visitors are not permitted to bring water crafts. However, Jetski's/personal watercrafts are prohibited on North & South Pond.